Write A Story – Cut it up – Put It Back – A picture quilt?

I have been surfing today. The waves are very high! I think I live on Utopia Parkway. Move over JC. Truly I am seeing through eyes long past and thinking how that pertains to art today. I think of Richard Kehl as well as Joseph Cornell, and Robert Rauschenberg, and Tracy Hicks. These artists inspire my artistic sensibilities,

I wonder if Joseph Cornell picked his address: 3708 Utopia Parkway, Flushing, 58, NY? It is almost surreal, do you think?

My friend, real friend, Tracy is one of the spirits I think of very often. I have one of his pieces. For a while he was using mason jars to segregate his artist thoughts, hundreds of them. I have not seen him for a million years. I think it might be an eterniday.

Dallas is slip sliding away, just like here. So I am content to be in my studio truly connected to the world. It might be a while until I get out, that is OK by me.

Some of the photographs are crappy, I know, but. . .I had to have a lot to flip, so there. I just want you to know that I know that. I am just sharing another process.

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