Thinking of Things In Space

origami spinning top artworkspira 4Oldest living things in the world, natural, organic, and remarkable is what is on this mind, today: A trip to Fish Lake, Utah, is where I first saw the Aspen trees which have been dated to be 80,000 years old. I stay at the lodge or camp here during my wanderings. I love these trees. I and my sister have climbed to the top of the summit where we tossed ashes into the universe.

Today I have been making origami spinning tops. Corel Draw is a program I have used for many years. It is amazing to play around with things like this. Play is a great way to start something new if you follow where it leads. I began with thinking about the trees and a book review and of course, origami.  “Oldest Living Things In The World by Rachel Sussman is the book I am about to read.

This activity leads me to other ideas. This is what I always do when I get stuck on a more serious work if/when it is stagnant. Science or art, this is what I think of, usually, when I am in this mode. Soon flowers will bloom, again, I will see the fractals in each edge of everything I ponder. Like I always say, “If I were only big enough or small enough. . .”A Microscope or Telescope is what I need, or maybe just a new pair of glasses. I am a white dot floating into a black hole. I wonder what is really on the other side?

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