foldedthings1Colors, lines, tessellations, objects in space, a small cutting edge building tucked into a traditional neighborhood, these thoughts run through my mind-scape as nourishment for other pieces to be made; I allow it to flourish until later. I see edges in space.

In The Moment

Stopping at the roadside stand for Monticello one day on my way from NYC I discovered the magic of instruments, or what it is about, to me. Keeping notes, in tiny notebooks, little compartments, in hand made cabinets, golden glasses savored for more years than one could remember, it is details of a life well lived, the ultimate attraction to a like kind, this is the answer for questions. Compasses to point the way when one is lost, bookcases lovingly crafted for books exactly to fit them, gadgets for whatever I need, these are in my iPad. I imagine Thomas Jefferson on horseback wandering the landscape of his life taking exacting notes of his observations, as does this work or does that, being careful to never forget.

I love a chance to linger in reverie, I pretend I am asleep sometimes, just to do this, do you?

Thinking of bricoleur to wonder what JC would think?IMG_3099 copy 81 IMG_3099 copy 101 IMG_3099 copy

Sometimes I Am Lost In Space

When people you love are in the process of living and then dying it is important to remember that we are all together in this process, as human beings or the flowers in the vase, it happens as surely as anything I do know for sure.
I think of the excitement my dad had when he was working on the tiles for the shuttle which is now retired and the failure of those tiles in time and wonder if he knows about this while he floats in my imagination of the universe; where is he, anyways?
I am seeing the process happen in my own life where I am trying to accept the inevitable. I imagine that the particles transform into new combinations. I always ask why am I not large enough or small enough to see both ends of infinity. I will never know, for sure, but I enjoy thinking that every thing matters. I matter, you matter, together we all matter and are matter. So, what are we going to do with this? +=- balance.